The Blue Growth Farm attended the XXXVIII National Conference of Hydraulics and Hydraulic Constructions (IDRA 2022), held at the former Faculty of Engineering of the Mediterranean University of Reggio Calabria on 4 to 7 September 2022 (  

BGF was excited to present a couple of papers related to the outdoor prototype (Aurora) test campaign activity carried out at NOEL site in Reggio Calabria during March 2021 and January 2022: 

  • Anita Santoro, Carlo Ruzzo, Vincenzo Fiamma, Andrea Scialò, Paolo Corvaglia, Fabrizio Lagasco, Federico Taruffi, Simone Di Carlo, Sara Muggiasca and Felice Arena, “THE BLUE GROWTH FARM PROJECT: SET-UP OF A 1:15 AT SEA EXPERIMENT ON A NOVEL MULTI-PURPOSE FLOATING PLATFORM”; 
  • Carlo Ruzzo, Anita Santoro, Antonino Simone Spanò, Vincenzo Fiamma, Andrea Scialò, Giovanni Malara, Ambra Zuccarino, Fabrizio Lagasco, Simone Di Carlo, Federico Taruffi, Sara Muggiasca and Felice Arena, “THE BLUE GROWTH FARM PROJECT: FIELD TESTING AND DEMONSTRATION OF A NOVEL MULTI-PURPOSE PLATFORM”. 

IDRA Conference is the traditional meeting that brings together, every two years, the national and international scientific community to discuss the main research in the field of Theoretical and Applied Hydraulics, Hydraulic Constructions, Maritime Engineering and Hydrology. The conference is one of the most important at a national level, with a long and consolidated tradition: the first edition was organized in October 1947, at the University of Padua. The subsequent editions, every two years, were organized in the most important Italian universities including Milan, Bologna, Naples, Rome, Turin. IDRA 2022 proposed four parallel sessions in which participants’ memories and contributions have been scheduled and presented, with a participation of more than 300 researchers, professionals, company representatives and students.