Exploitable results following the field experiment on the scaled (1:15) prototype of our BGF floating multi-purpose offshore platform are now on Applied Ocean Research, Vol 129 (2022) 103402 (https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0141118722003315). Author and co-authors of the publication are: Carlo Ruzzo, Giovanni Malara, Maurizio Collu, Anita Santoro, Vincenzo Fiamma, Andrea Scialo', Fabrizio Lagasco, Felice Arena, from NOEL, Strathclyde University, Wavenergy and RINA Consulting.

The article, titled: “Field experiment on a scaled prototype of a floating multi-purpose offshore platform: Dynamic response determination with uncertainty quantification” describes the overall structure dynamics based on the analysis of a wide experimental dataset (comprising 5974 records), collected between May and July 2021 at the Natural Ocean Engineering Laboratory (NOEL) of Reggio Calabria (Italy).

In particular, the results allowed the identification of the key dynamic properties of the platform concept, including nonlinear effects involved in the overall system dynamics. Furthermore, the novel framework developed candidates for use in the analysis and interpretation of other field experimental campaigns on floating offshore structure models.