Exploitation and outreach

The project phase addressing use and exploitation of the outdoor prototype will follow a comprehensive up-scaling approach to the full scale including: 

  • environmental characterization of potential sites for the platform installation 
  • design of the overall integrated assembly of systems composing the multipurpose platform 
  • evaluation of impacts on the marine environment due to the production processes envisaged, ecosystem modeling evaluations, definition of short-long term environmental monitoring plan to add new knowledge and validate models definition 
  • implementation of a participatory process for social acceptance, information sharing and synergies with marine users and environmental stakeholders, including associated permitting and production acceptance by relevant involved authorities 
  • design of installation, which includes mooring and seabed at envisaged location and connection to the land grid 
  • design of operation and maintenance activities relating all systems of the multipurpose platform. 

Project Timeline

BGF project timeline

Project Value Chain and Main Achievements

BGF project value chain

Project CANVAS

BGF project canvas

Project Dissemination Strategy

BGF timeline dissemination strategy

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under Grant Agreement number 774426