The Blue Growth Farm contribution to the European Marine Spatial Planning (MSP) platform MSP has been issued and delivered to become part of the platform database. The EU MSP platform manages an integrative process to address the increasing demand for maritime space from traditional and emerging sectors while preserving the proper functioning of marine ecosystems. The MSP integrates project information of various sectors, societal needs, values and goals. The expected benefits from the platform data valorisation include:

  • reduction of conflicts between sectors and creation of synergies between different activities;
  • encouragement of investments by creating predictability, transparency and clearer rules;
  • increased cross-border cooperation between EU countries to develop energy grids, shipping lanes, pipelines, submarine cables and other activities, but also to develop coherent networks of protected areas;
  • protection and preservation of the environment through early identification of impact and opportunities for multiple use of space.

Specifically, the following details on the BGF project results have been provided: a) the project context and the drivers for the multi-use/co-existence proposed by the BGF solution; b) rationale of the stakeholders’ consultation implemented, feedback provided about the perceived multi-use/co-existence and the objections in regard to the co-location of activities; c) gap about the regulatory framework and the enabling policy for this multi-use/co-existence required; d) lesson learned from the implementation of the proposed multi-use/co-existence.